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Of course, you can pick up the lot yourself, but if you don’t have the right vehicle for that, or if you don’t have the time or don’t wish to do any lifting, we offer you the possibility of picking up the lot and delivering it to you. Indeed, if required, we can also only pick it up for you and store it (temporarily), for a very reasonable price

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Price Indication

Based on the size/volume and weight, you can see which of the 5 categories fits best with the product that you wish to purchase. This accurate indication gives you some idea of the costs for the pickup and delivery of a lot within the Netherlands. Transportation to Belgium and other countries is done through application. When you get 1 or more lots, you can inquire the definite price through this link. (Do note that only 1 auction can be chosen for each application. In case your goods are at various auctions, please make a separate application for each auction.) The below indications are based on dismantled lots that are on the ground floor. In case your lot still needs to be dismantled, please send an application and mention the dismantling in the remarks.

Category Description of category Price indication (excl. BTW)
A Packages, maximum size 50 × 40 × 30 cm and maximum weight 30 kg Between € 30 and € 40
B Large packages (half size pallet/roll container), onward category A till 70x70x160 cm Between € 45 and € 55
C Orders of large volume and maximum size 120 × 80 × 180 cm (l × w × h) Between € 65 and € 75
D Goods larger than 120x80x180cm till maximum 120x160x180 cm or 240x80x180 cm Between € 90 and € 100
E Custom size, does not fit in above categories, or you have/want more than 1 lot Ask for a quote

Transport within the Netherlands. The delivery is standard at your first door on the ground floor, but additional services can be delivered for a reasonable price.

Terms and Conditions

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Click here for the General Transport terms and conditions 2002.

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Click here for the Logistics Service Conditions 2014.

Additional services

Also for additional services, you came to the right address at the Online delivery service. Due to our background in logistics we can offer various services such as:

Storage, Transit, Disassembly, Packaging,
Moving/placing machinery, Special Transport

Would you like more information on our additional services, or would you like to receive a price, please request additional information from us. The abovementioned activities result from the logistic activities of Van de Scheur Logistiek in Vianen. Van de Scheur logistics has been a professional transport and logistics company for over 55 years that takes care of the problem-free logistics for its client. From a small part to an entire supply chain. Are you interested in our services, please have a look at our website