Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Custom offers will be made manually. One of our employees will review your request and calculate what it costs to pick up and deliver your goods.

You will receive your quotation as soon as possible.

Standard conditions apply. You will receive these with your quote. We do not offer additional insurance. If required, you can arrange this by yourself through your own insurer.


If you approve our offer, we will plan to pick up your goods. At the same time, an invoice will be created and sent to you. A link will be generated which you can use to pay online immediately. The goods will always be collected if you have confirmed your assignment and sent us the pickup documents. When the payment has been made, we will deliver the goods.

The invoices for all your deliveries by the Online Bezorg Service can be found in My Account.

You will also receive these by e-mail.


Upon receiving your approval of the offer, we will schedule a pickup of your goods. After collection, your items will be checked in our warehouse for damages, errors and missing items. After this check, you will receive a link to our planning tool by email, which you can use to schedule a delivery date. You can choose a delivery date which suits you. The day before delivery you will receive a time indication of our arrival.

If you have purchased large goods, we will call you to arrange a date for delivery of the goods instead of sending a link.

The Online Bezorg Service collects goods of various sizes, from small packages to heavy machinery. Small and lightweight packages will be sent by post, allowing us to keep prices competitive. International pallet shipments will be sent through an international partner.